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What's Next?

Not a ton of buzz going around, but I'd assume we're pursuing left handed relievers at the moment. At this point it's a bare-bones free agent market which might lead us to consider the trade market, one idea that I saw over at Lookout Landing: George Sherrill and Willie Bloomquist for one of our young starters (read: Jackson, Edwin or Hammel, Jason, and maybe even Howell, J.P.) and while Bloomquist sucks, Sherrill is quite an interesting player to add to the fold.

The Mariners have a pretty good, deep bullpen, which makes me a bit envious and stupefied at why they can't build an above average rotation using the same cost efficient manner. We're having problems getting one quality lefty they have Sherrill, Eric O'Flaherty, Ryan Rowland-Smith, and even Jake Woods sitting around, all are improvement over what we have.

I know trading a young starter for a young situational reliever isn't a good deal, but what about a combination of a lefty and someone else on their roster or in their system? It would allow us to clean out some congestion in our ranks - namely those out of options like Jackson and Hammel - get value for them and solve another problem at the same time.