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Winter Meetings: Day 1 and more...

Scratch Carlos Quentin off the "Wish List"

According to MLB Radio, the D'Backs will soon announce that they have traded OF Carlos Quentin to the White Sox for 20-year-old 1B Chris Carter.

According to Baseball America's Transaction List....

Doug Waechter is now a Florida Marlin, the Rays signed former Yankee Farmhand SS Andy Cannizaro and Oakland signed RHP Chris Farley. Wait, yup Chris Farley.

I will edit this post, if and when bigger news breaks.

Looks like Dukes might be traded at 5 PM, per Topkin:

There is only circumstantial evidence, including word that Nationals GM Jim Bowden was overheard on his cell phone yesterday at the airport talking to someone named "Elijah.'' And both teams have scheduled announcements at 5 p.m. Plus, the deal would explain why Dukes, the troubled outfielder, hasn't played since his latest eruption after being ejected from a Dominican League game on Thursday night.

Update [2007-12-3 14:52:23 by Patrick L. Kennedy]: Elijah Dukes may not be the only one headed out of the organization at MLB's Winter Meetings. Jim Street reports for the Seattle Mariners' website that the M's have emerged as a candidate to acquire Rays starter Edwin Jackson. The article reports that Jackson is being shopped for a young catching prospect (Clement?) or a "more established outfielder/first baseman". Mariners GM Bill Bavasi was with Los Angeles when the Dodgers took Jackson in the 2001 amateur draft, so his familiarity with he who has no control may beget a trade. As with everything else this week, stay tuned.....

Update [2007-12-3 15:31:38 by R.J. Anderson]: The Nats HAVE acquired Dukes our best guess is a minor leaguer.

Josh Wilson was claimed by the Pirates off waivers; we have an open 40 man spot, but it probably isn't for Dukes' deal, otherwise a 1-for-1 would leave the roster even.

Pretty sure that PTBNL really means "Player To Be Named Later Tonight."

The player is Glenn Gibson!


Update [2007-12-3 19:4:55 by R.J. Anderson]:Geoff Baker acknowledges that Broussard for Edwin straight up doesn't make sense. The Ms might have to toss catcher Rob Johnson into the deal.

Update R.J.: Via MLBTR from Crasnick :

The Phillies and Rays both spoke with Damon Lapa, the agent for free-agent outfielder Geoff Jenkins. It's not a strong year for left-handed hitting corner men -- with Trot Nixon, Shawn Green, Cliff Floyd, Brad Wilkerson and Luis Gonzalez as the other main options -- so Jenkins is getting considerable play. "We expect multiple multiyear offers," Lapa said. San Diego and Texas are among the other clubs keeping tabs on Jenkins.

Just made my post about the deal on BTB for those interested.