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Rays Trade Dukes for Glenn Gibson

Making a new post for the conversation here.

Gibson is only 20 years and was a UCF signee (Collette finally gets to see him) in his career he's thrown 64 innings with 15 walks and 65 strikeouts. He's a LaMar draft product from last year, so this is has LaMar written all over it (like LaMaritis), thanks Chuck!

Gibson's career statistics through his first three years are impressive. The southpaw has a 17-3 career mark with a 0.64 ERA in 132 innings of work. He has yielded just 40 hits and has totaled 247 strikeouts and just 38 walks during his career. Gibson has tossed three no-hitters and three one-hitters during his prep career. He was named all-state and all-county as a junior and was the Suffolk Pitcher of the Year in 2005.


Statement from Rays VP Andrew Friedman on the trade:

"We have been committed to providing Elijah the support needed to get his personal and professional life back on track," said Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman. "He has made progress, and a logical next step is a change of cities and a fresh start for him and his family."
Press Release

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