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Winter Meetings: Day 2 and more...

Not much going on right now, just everyone reporting the Rays are after a lefty bat with the usual names being thrown around.

Still nothing worth noting outside of a few non-Rays deals, you got the feeling that the Rays are chatting up folks behind closed doors and perhaps that's why we're inactive in the rumor mill.

That or Andrew is getting some much deserved rest, either way I'm fine with it.

Per the Seattle Times the Rays rejected the Mariners offer of Ben Broussard for Edwin Jackson.

Greatest quote ever from BP:

First in an occasional series…

Scene: Cal Ripken, Steve Finley and Jim Leyritz are sitting on a couch in the Opryland hotel.

Observer: "All that’s missing is Brian Sabean and a pen."

Apparently Brian Anderson wants to return as a lefty reliever. I often wonder how things would've been different if the Rays chose 2nd and 3rd in the expansion draft, perhaps we would've landed Suppan and Anderson - like the Backs did - instead of Saunders.

Some more non-Rays notes: apparently Johan to the Sox is going to happen today, they've been working on it for nearly two straight days. Billy Beane looks to be reloading, potentially dealing Haren for Phil Hughes and Alan Horne.

Topkin mentions the same ol' names we keep floating, but thinks that Jenkins and Erstad are good fits. Honestly if we sign Erstad I'll cut off my right hand.

While you're waiting read that Jonah Keri interview over at the Stat Pack, tons of Rays' related material.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports chimes in:

Tampa Bay, in its pursuit of a left-handed-hitting outfielder, is considering Shawn Green, Brad Wilkerson and Geoff Jenkins. Green seems a likely candidate, as Wilkerson and Jenkins are looking for multi-year deals at around $7 million a year, whereas the interest in Green is limited to four teams, including the Giants.

I could see Green landing here, and frankly I wouldn't have a problem with that move - also note the absence of Erstad, thank the heavens! Green's a pretty interesting fit though, he's probably good for a line of .285/.350/.430 and has a clear platoon split (.865 v. RHP, .552 v. LHP), also it's nearly been a decade since he was dealt from Toronto to Los Angeles for Raul Mondesi, really hard to believe - and I'm feeling old because of it.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

The Rays, who have been the most active team in the offseason, are looking for a lefthanded hitting outfielder. Trot Nixon could surface there.

Rotoworld suggests Corey Koskie, whose real name is actually Cordel; he's a righty (no he's not) and could play third if Longoria isn't ready.

I mentioned him to Jake earlier, and now Topkin mentions a potential new Rays target: Rob Mackowiak.

Jerry Crasnick:

# # The Rays have checked into Shawn Green, Geoff Jenkins, and Cliff Floyd. No truth to the rumor that Green is considering retirement.

And so we end the day with three names that loosely had been thrown around before. Pure speculation but my gut says Jenkins is the guy, my head tells me otherwise.

If Darin Erstad doesn't find a job that suits him, there is word that he could return to the University of Nebraska, his alma mater, and be an assistant coach for the football team. A punter in college, Erstad was part of the Cornhuskers' 1994 national championship squad and remains one of Tom Osborne's favorite players.

You know, I'm going to go ahead and kill that Erstad rumor, he's not coming here and I'm not so sure he ever was. Right position, right hand (oh snap late night pun!), wrong player.

Not sure how many more posts we'll see in this one, but I have to give up to Tim Dierkes over at MLBTR, guy is working his ass off, every 2-3 minutes he has a new update. In fact he estimated over 11,000 words and that was around 7 P.M., that's almost a fourth of LaMaritis total size!