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Poll Discussion

If you haven't noticed already, and I can't imagine how it could have escaped your attention being prominently featured on the right sidebar, there is a poll up on the site. With the Rays kicking off an offseason that is shaping up to be the team's most active in eight years (TAMPA BAY...DEVIL RAYS...HIT SHOW), the poll question asks you to give a grade to the Rays' offseason so far. The standard A-F grading scale applies; no bell curves. In any case, vote and use this post to elaborate on your selection.

Have the Rays taken a step forwards this offseason? Have they addressed their key concerns? Have the big trades turned out favorable to the team? What about the stadium plans and the uniform rollout? This isn't limited to baseball operations activity. So opine here about your opinion of the offseason so far. In addition, what must the team do from here on out to (sustain/improve to) a high mark?