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Winter Meetings: Day 3 and more...


STILL TALKING: Tampa Bay remains firmly in the mix for free-agent LHP Ron Mahay, who has narrowed his list of serious suitors to the Rays, Yankees, Royals, Giants and Astros.

Mahay, 36, split last season between Texas and Atlanta. He probably will command a contract along the lines of the three-year, $12 million deal J.C. Romero got from the Phillies last month.

As for the left-handed-hitting outfielder the Rays seek, the most popular names mentioned around the lobby are Shawn Green, Brad Wilkerson, Geoff Jenkins and Darin Erstad.

Friedman confirmed the Rays have made some offers and counteroffers, but said nothing was imminent as of late Tuesday afternoon.

I won't be around most of the morning, so post any rumors or news in the comments section or diaries area and I'll address it upon my return.

Per MLBTR, the Yankees are out of the Mahay race. Some called Jake crazy for saying we might sign Mahay...

Topkin makes a note about the media room talking Rays acquiring Josh Hamilton; I don't see it.

Speaking of ex-Rays and Reds, Jorge Cantu has been released. How the mighty Lawn Statue has fallen.

The Rays sure appear to be working on something, based on the frequency in which manager Joe Maddon was checking his text messages during the annual manager's lunch. The chance of news today might be 50-50.

That from Topkin; I'd anticipate at least one signing.


NASHVILLE—It sounds like there’s at least a 50-50 chance the Rays make another trade before leaving town, though you never know how negotiations will break as offers and counter-offers are exchanged (see the Santana saga). Stay tuned. The Rays may be close to landing the outfielder or super-utility guy they’re seeking.

Still waiting on an update, but read this new rumor floating around - Haren, Santana, and Jose Reyes all on the move.

Our friend Tommy Vercetti over at The Stat Pack gives us these notes on uniform numbers:

Barlett is 8
Garza is 22
Sonny switches to 21
Perez takes Sonny's 38
Ruggiano switches to 3
Riggans switches to 9
Price is 14
Jaso is listed at 65
Percival is 40

Topkin's back and mentions...Laynce Nix? Eh.

Clifton and partner Terry Bross said they've talked to Texas, Minnesota, San Francisco, Tampa Bay and the Chicago White Sox about Luis Gonzalez.

From ESPN.

Question: Why is Mercury Morris on ESPN...rapping?

Whatever the Rays were working on during the day - and executive VP Andrew Friedman acknowledged they may have been close to a deal - isn't likely going to happen tonight, and may not happen at all. Friedman said they talked to a number of teams and agents about a bunch of different things, but nothing was imminent. Interesting, the talks did expand beyond the search for a lefthanded hitting outfielder, but he wouldn't get specific.

That from Topkin, which pretty much seals the night.