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Jake's Crystal Ball

You know, I kinda laughed when Jake wrote last Sunday that he'd sign Michael Barrett, and then repeated it on Wednesday, but now he's looking a bit like Nostradamus:

One potential deal that seems to be heating up is the Rays' pursuit of Michael Barrett. The Rays have kept in contact with the veteran catcher the last few weeks, but I hear things might be getting a bit more serious. Signing Barrett, a Type A free agent, would cost the Rays their second-round pick in next year's draft, but the catcher market is awfully thin. The Rays are seriously lacking in experience behind the plate and I don't think they'd mind having someone around who would push Dioner Navarro a bit.

Barrett had an off year last season, a quick look at his numbers tells me he walked less, struck out more, and hit a bunch more flyballs for outs, swinging for the fences perhaps?

Update: from Rotoworld:

Unable to come to terms with the Rays, Michael Barrett is accepting the Padres' offer of arbitration.

Barrett still could be traded to the Rays, Pirates or another team. The Padres aren't excited about the possibility of paying him $4 million-$5 million to split time with Josh Bard, but they were hoping to get two draft picks for him.

For those curious, I took a look (open self-promotion tag) at Barrett at BTB as part of my Fluke or Nuke series, that is all (end self-promotion tag), now go read it!

Any ideas on possible options outside of Barrett? I keep coming back to Johnny Estrada and Brian Schneider, just not sure if there's a match there.