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Rays after Fukumori

According to MLBTR, the Rays are in the hunt for reliever Kazuo Fukumori.

Ken Davidoff's article says the Padres and Rays are also in the mix.  The Nationals, Royals, and Red Sox are others who have been connected.  The Rockies will pass on Fukumori because of concerns over his elbow.  East Windup Chronicle profiled Fukumori here.  A scout Davidoff talked to saw him as a sixth or seventh inning guy; he didn't seem thrilled.

Fukumori is looking for a 2-year deal according to his agent. He could fit in nicely with our pen, but I don't see us forking over good money for a small improvement. Unless Andy thinks the guy is for real, don't expect a signing. He has had a couple very good years in Japan, and also a couple very mediocre years.

You can look at his stats HERE.