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Perhaps Everyone Won't Love Longoria on Opening Day


They've added a closer, a frontline shortstop and a No. 3 starter, but the Rays have more work to do.

In addition to a left-handed hitting outfielder to at least platoon in rightfield, they need a third baseman (for a couple months anyway, as it seems less likely prospect Evan Longoria will be the opening day starter) and a lefty reliever. If they can afford to do more after that, a veteran catcher.

Basically he does a roll call of the Rays' remaining questions, and doesn't mention Darin Erstad when talking about a possible right fielder - victory! Instead he mentions Andre Ethier, Geoff Jenkins, Cliff Floyd, and Luke Scott, as well as super utility man Rob Mackowiak, who wouldn't be awful, in fact if he can hit like 2006 he'd probably be pretty valuable, but as our starting third baseman? No, just no.

Lancaster on Rocco / Gomes, doesn't say too much different from Topkin, but any article that uses the term "Roster machinations," becomes a must link.