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News and Notes

It's Sunday, and that means another Mark Topkin piece this week focuses on B.J. Upton becoming (as we've said for weeks upon weeks) the Rays' version of Chone Figgins, basically he'll play 3B, SS, 2B, and OF for the Rays, much like Chone.

As I've stated before the notes section is much more interesting to myself on a week to week basis, and as Jake has noted recently Seth McClung's new look consists of a more 'ripped' look, Topkin notes this as well:

Incumbent closer Seth McClung, sporting long red hair, bulked up with weights, figuring the additional upper-body strength will "be key in developing a more consistent arm slot."

Need another reason to hate the drunken party animal known as Bronson Arroyo, here you go:

In explaining that he signed an extension in Cincinnati because he liked the direction the team is headed, Hernando High's Bronson Arroyo said: "The first three-year deal I signed with Boston, I probably wouldn't have signed with Tampa Bay. You're not going to sign with a place you don't enjoy being in."

That's great Bronson, at least you show some love to your hometown team.
The new videoboard at the Trop is more than 50 percent larger than the old one

That answers one of my questions to Marc Lancaster earlier this week.

Other notes include that the Rays will have thrice daily yoga classes and that center fielder Rocco Baldelli was treated for altitude poisioning during his trip to Switzerland.

Oh and this:

While Iwamura said Uwajima is known for tangerines and yellowtails, its "principal claim of fame" - and this is straight from the Rays media guide - is the Taga-jinja Shrine, a "giant phallus carved out of log." The 12-foot carving is part of an ancient fertility shrine and adjacent to a sex museum.

I just want to thank the blog Gods for giving us Aki, he's a goldmine, I mean I'm not even blinking anymore when I heard that he originally asked for his glove to be made of a ray before changing it to an aligator, and yes I'll refrain from making a Steve Irwin joke, the soul still hurts my friends.