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MLB News and Notes

We're entering one of the boringest stretches of any off-season, the span from the final Sunday to pitchers and catchers reporting, none the less here are some league tidbits.

  • Joe Mauer signed a 4 year / 33 million dollar deal with the Twins.
  • Oakland A's ace Rich Harden is 100% healthy.
  • Miguel Cabera and the Marlins are at odds due to Mi-Cab skipping out on the team's fanfest.

I'll be back likely tommorrow with a 'vision' into a player the Rays could possibly give a looksy to come April, and we'll be opening our fantasy league when Yahoo does, the 15th of this month. Also sometime this week expect a JOHAN selection of the best 6/7 pitchers for our bullpen out of the current crop.