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So uh..who's up for a game?

Tommorrow pitchers and catches report, making this the slowest news day we'll have until next year, anyhow rather than just sitting around and posting 'Greg Norton has just arrived' I figured we'd get this out of the way before tommorrow....the fantasy league.

Yahoo, whom we'll do the services through, begins the fantasy league creation come Feb. 16th, tommorrow, so basically we'll start the process today.

If you want in, and we're expecting around 10 people to begin with, but could expand....just shoot me an email (see my name on the staff and just click it) and basically just say 'I want in', tommorrow once I get the league info I'll reply with it, allowing you to sign up.

We don't want random people signing up who just want another fantasy league under their belt, though it's not a requirement that you always post, this just seems like a way to ensure no 'fantasy league hustlers'.

[editor's note, by R.J. Anderson] I probably won't send any 'oh I got your email' responses, so basically if you email me, and you don't receive an invite / info by Saturday, just re-email me, thanks.

So that's that, oh and Marcos Caravjal is now a Met, claimed off waivers.

I'll make the JOHAN - Bullpen post later tonight barring any breaking news not including the size of Casey Fossum's rims.

Update [2007-2-15 15:39:59 by R.J. Anderson]: One last thing about the league, when I say 10, I mean 8, Jake and myself are in (Patrick is in too many leagues, and I assume with the Bolts warming up Matt will have too much on his hands to bother with a fantasy league) so far I've received two people I haven't heard from need to strongly consider making that email in the next few hours.