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Yeah...that's why he was canned

So I'm enjoying my sick day and I flip to ESPN2, which is a rarity for me since at most the only thing I'll watch on the four letters is actual games, anyhow to my shock  Cold Pizza has somehow remained on the air, and Steve Phillips, the ex Mets general manager was talking D-Rays.

A few of the things he said:
Trade Rocco Baldelli and Tim Corcoran for Dontrelle Willis
Trade Jorge Cantu and B.J. Upton for either Chuck James or Derrick Turnbow

Other than overpaying drastically for a reliever, I'd rather somehow land James or two of the rumored to be available Braves relievers in Oscar Villarreal or Lance Cormier than Turnbow.

Also since when did Tim freaking Corcoran become a replacement for Dontrelle Willis?

Oh and Chuck James? They would deal him for either an underperforming __ in Upton or a second baseman who isn't so swell with his glove and suffered injuries last year, but yes trading a guy who was nearly untouchable down the stretch for one of them makes perfect sense.

Then he went through the strengths and weakness' so we all know what those are...and then I realized why I hated Steve Phillips....

Move the Rays to San Antonio and call them the Saints

To quote Patrick....What the hell? Where did that even come from? It's like he had to get a dig at the St. Pete area or else his day wouldn't be complete...well Mr. Phillips please go back to your day job at wetting yourself with every pound Dice-K sheds or A-Rod gains and leave the Rays alone, it's evident you don't even realize the Rays have a 30 year lease with the city that is basically locked in through 2027, but then again I wouldn't expect someone who got fired from the Mets to allow facts to get in the way of their misguided opinion, considering their owner when asked about Kazmir said "He's still pitching?" God I hate New York sports.