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As you can tell, Patrick, R.J. and David have gone gangbusters in their writings and I'm very spotty in my posts. That's gonna change very soon, so don't start putting pictures of "Jake's Take" on the side of Milk Cartons just yet. Trust me, I got a few interesting things planned.

Prospects Getting Invites to Spring Training

It was posted last week that Evan Longoria's contract stipulated that he was guaranteed a Spring Training Invite this year. He knows in his mind that it's only to "show his tools" than competing for a job, but a ST invite is a ST invite.

Well, Marc Lancaster reported in his blog(which is a daily must-read for Rays fans) that 3 other Rays minor leaguers have received invites. Who? Reid Brignac, Fernando Perez and Andy Sonnanstine.

I'm not surprised at all with Andy Sonnanstine, seeing as the Rays are going to forced to decide on what to do with him in the next year with him proving himself again and again to be a quality arm. However, the invites to Brignac and Perez surprise me. Perez had an alright showing in the AFL, with him being more of a speedster/good fielder than a good hitter. Brignac needs to do some "fine-tuning" to his game, but I'm thinking it's to give our major league coaches a closer look at him....even if a September call-up is already being predicted for him.

Good luck to all of them.

Countdown Show coming!

One of my favorite parts of last season was the "Countdown" shows that Andy Freed, Dave Wills and Dewayne Staats hosted last year.

Well, they're back for another round next year starting next Monday at 7 PM (EST) and I know for a fact that Patrick, R.J. and I will be listening to it.

Is She the hottest Rays fan ever? I think so!

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Jenn Sterger, FSU's beautiful cowgirl, and friends were invited to ride the Devil Rays float at Gasparilla's Piratefest. In the aforementioned blog post, she gives highlights of her day complete with pictures. Yowza!