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Jake Takes on......David Price, Vanderbilt Starting Pitcher

Sometimes you have a special opportunity that you can't help but taking the chance, even if it means that you put yourself on the line. Well, in this case, this is a VERY big special opportunity.

I'll let the interview speak for itself, I'd like to thank you fans for continually supporting the site during such a long offseason/the 2 years of existence of DRays Bay and I think that this interview will send us to a new level in blogging. I'd also like to thank the interviewee himself, for allowing me to take some time out of his schedule to answer a few questions.


Jake Larsen: For those who don't who you are? Who is Mr. David Price?

David Price: David Price is from Murfreesboro, TN and attend school at Vanderbilt where I'm a junior and play baseball. I have two amazing parents and brothers and also a niece and nephew.

JL: What made you decide to go to Vanderbilt?

DP: The reasons I went to Vanderbilt was because it was close to home, coaches were great, and they had recent success. I wanted all my family and friends who had watched me grow up playing baseball still be able to come and watch me play in college. The coaching staff, Coach Corbin, Johnson, and Bakich and arguably the best staff in the nation. In my opinion they are the best. They are all three players coaches and really know how to get the best ouf of their players.

JL: What does your offseason look like? How do you stay in physical shape when you have the college atmosphere and tons of school work dragging you down?

DP: Well we all have to schedule morning classes except on Monday's which are day we take labs. We work out as a team in the afternoons. Its really not that bad once you get used to it, but my freshmen year was very tough to get used to balancing school and baseball at the same time.

JL: A lot of Rays fans were excited to read about our 2 VPs scouting your game against Rice? Did you know that they were going to be there or do you just go in a zone when you're playing and all you see is the batter in front of you?

DP: haha no I have no idea when those kind of people  are going to be coming to my games. I just prepare for every game I have the same way whether there are no fans in the stands or 25,000/

JL: A lot has been said about your "mentality" on the mound, saying that you have the mound presence beyond your years. Where did you get that from? Great parents? HS Coach?

DP: If you are talking about my mentality to win then I got that from my family. I would always play games with my family and hated to lose them, especially against my brothers. If you are talking about my baseball mentality then I got that from Coach Corbin and Coach Johnson. That is one thing they have really worked with me on, especially Coach Johnson, in my years here at Vanderbilt. They knew that the difference between AA and big league players physically was not that much of a difference. But the mental part was what set these players apart. They want me to be as ready as possible when its my turn to play professional baseball.

JL: How did it feel to be representing the USA in Olympic Qualifying? Did you get teary-eyed hearing the national anthem being played?

DP: Actually I did get teary eyed my freshmen year. I was asked to play for team USA and I was excited but not that excited. I made the team and was like "ok this is pretty cool." Then during that first games National Anthem I did get teary eyed. The fans started to chant U-S-A over and over and that was really something special.

JL: What is your current pitch repetoire? Is there a particular pitch that you'd love to learn to throw if you had the time to learn it and become effective throwing it?

DP: Fastball, slider, changeup, slurve. I'd love to learn how to throw a ball the hitter couldn't see. I think that would be pretty effective.

JL: What are your thoughts on the early start for College baseball seasons? Is it harder to pitch in colder weather or do you not mind it?

DP: It is harder but I don't mind it. We are out here practicing in 22 degree weather for 4-5 hours a day. That basically a game so when the games come around there is more adreneline flowing and that makes it warmer for you. Although it is harder for your arm to get loose and going you have to fake it like you feel amazing.

JL: What are your goals for this season?


JL: Thoughts on the possibility of being drafted?

DP: Professional baseball is my main goal, so the possibility of that is awesome.

JL: Best advice that a coach, parent, etc. has given you in life?

DP: Pressure is Perceived

JL: If you had to describe yourself in 1 word, what would it be?

DP: energetic

JL: Thank you, David, and I wish you good luck this season