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Delmon Young Community Projection

Delmon Young - A baseball freak of nature. I tried going back to see how Manny Ramirez minor league numbers compared to Delmon Young. The numbers are quite comparable. The one disadvantage Delmon has is he is arriving in the big leagues for his first full season at a much younger age. Or, is that an advantage after his career is over when he puts up amazing numbers that challenges the greats of the game. I think despite the on the field trouble we observed last year out of Delmon, it was the right move to get him exposed to the major league lifestyle. So, how do the projection systems see Delmon in his first full season. Here they are.

Zips 288 772 15 18 21
Marcel 305 840 8 4 16
Chone 2.1 301 828 18 19 25
Pecota (high) 329 916 24 27 35
Pecota (low) 263 810 11 22 29

With those numbers in mind, how do you see Delmon performing in his first full season? I personally think he will top those high end projections. Post what you think the numbers will look like.