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Jake's Take: Groundhog Month

Got a little captain in you?


I need to contact someone in our Hudson Valley offices, before the month ends, to get a hold of part-owner Bill Murray.


I want to know what happened to cause his character in "Groundhog Day" to relive February 2nd over and over, just so I can figure out how to relive the entire month of February over and over.

It's not even a week into Spring Training and I'm already getting a feeling that mirrors that of Maddon's, I believe that the Rays are going to "Shock the world."

That's just me, though, being overly optimistic about the NDRO as always.

However, in the last month or so, DRays Bay has started to surge to plateaus that I'd never think that a Devil Rays blog(let alone one that I'm a part of) could ascend to.

I'm using this "Take" to thank everyone that has made or helped make DRays Bay what it is today and I'm promising that we're only going to get better and better(just like our young, talented team) in the future.

Here's the interviews that DRays Bay has landed in the last month(starting with the most recent):

Vanderbilt Pitcher/ Possible #1 pick David Price- LINK

Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein-

Baseball America's John Manuel-

FSU Cowgirl and Hottest Rays Fan Ever, Jenn Sterger-