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Saturday Morning Blog Hits

It's going to be a great year for the Rays and for this blog as well. We bloggers tend to be some of the most avid blog readers around. I wanted to start today with some clippings from the blogosphere.

We have some of our bats arriving this year from the Rays farm system getting a chance to put their minor league accolades on display. I am not going to compare the tandem of Wade Davis and Jacob McGee to the failed Generation K pair of Jason Isringhausen and Bill Pulsipher of Mid 90 Mets. However, I think they have as much upside as a Barry Zito and Tim Hudson tandem. Jacob McGee speaks.

Now, I had no idea the philosopher that Jorge Cantu's dad is. Jorge knows he has Upton in his rear view mirror and is certain he will get 29 bombs this season.

Animals can go down a road and if they see a hole, they go around it. Human beings go and get in that hole. So what he's trying to tell me, if I want to make the same mistakes, I'm going to go into that hole again, but if I'm smart, I'm going to go around that."

Now Josh Paul went to bat at arbitration and said that he was sure that he was worth 900K as a backup catcher. Unfortunately, Judge Larry Seidlin was not sitting on the case.