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Second Helpings of Mongolian Beef

Jorge Cantu, the projected second baseman starter for the Rays this season seems to be on the hot seat depending on you hear from. We have heard the stories about Cantu coming into great shape this season after the foot injury last season. He says he will avoid falling into any ditches. His defensive measures on last season's play at second baseman say he is less than a desirable option at second. But, I'll give you this. He came up as a surprise player through the Rays system who was never really expected to ever come close to what he did in 2005. He is intense player who has the desire to win. He was playing SS until he made room for Upton in Durham. I say he will never be a defensive player but I'd say he is adequete in the same way Kent has been if his offense overshadows and makes up for his defensive gaffes. Rays of Light seems down on him as I ever have seen stated on his defensive makeup.

BJ Upton and Jorge Cantu took grounders at second base. Watching the two fielding side by side, you realize just how clunky Cantu is. He is not a second baseman; he has none of the traditional attributes of this position and has a general air of discomfort in his movements. Meanwhile, Upton seems light on his feet and his movement towards the ball comes in one seamless motion. BJ, so maligned for his poor defense, makes Cantu's tenure at second seem doomed. As well it should be.
He in my mind overachieved in 2005 and I do see him doing this again. Its just part of his makeup. He is a driven player and is a leader despite his lapse last season. It is possible if he gets in a groove again the Rays do trade him for pitching.