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Spring is in the Air

We've somewhat neglected the workouts since well...they're workouts, but anyhow we're pumped for the first intrasquad game tommorrow, and courtest of Marc Lancaster here are the rotations for the two teams over the two days, note that each pitcher will throw one inning.

Team 1
Gary Glover
Scott Dohmann
Ruddy Lugo
J.P. Howell
Juan Salas
Chris Seddon
Andy Sonnanstine

Team 2
Shawn Camp
Tim Corcoran
Edwin Jackson
Jason Hammel
Steve Andrade
Tony Peguero
Mitch Talbot

Team 1
Scott Kazmir
Al Reyes
Seth McClung
Jon Switzer
Brian Stokes
Jeff Ridgway

Team 2
Dan Miceli
Jae Seo
Chad Orvella
James Shields
Jae Kuk Ryu
Jeff Niemann

If I'm a betting man I'd say day two will have the better of the matchups, but who knows.

Also from Lancaster he reports that James Shields will start the spring training opener against the New York Yankees on Friday, and that Scott Kazmir will start Saturday in Dunedin versus the Jays.