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Jake's Take: Leave it to a "Professional"

A topic that hit the newsprint and airwaves this past week is the level of professionalism, or lack thereof, that the Rays had last year.

A few people pointed out that there's some immaturity that occured last year, but it's easily explained when a good majority of the Rays are barely 25 years old. To some extent, a few tardy players and "fraternity" immaturity can be expected.

However, I get peeved personally when I hear undue blame being put on "Mr. Nice Guy" Joe Maddon or claiming that a lack of "veteran leadership" is obviously affecting the team negatively. I could go on with this, but I try not to be long-winded.

My biggest gripe right now, is how some people look at Dan Miceli's comments and automatically take his word.

Dan Miceli, oh Danny boy, who told you that you had the right to talk?

What's your major league reputation again? Major league arm with a big mouth and a knack for giving up homeruns? Did I forget something?

Yet, you wave your finger in dismay because you say that "Hey, it's not just the players were were acting unprofessionally!" When you open your mouth like that, you're easily digging yourself in a hole and probably starting to figure out how much money that you're going to be losing due to fines for "conduct detrimental to the team." When you start openly ripping the organization heads, at least name names or something. Was it Butcher? Was it Ramos? Was it someone in the Front office?

There's a name for players that run their mouths like that, it's related to medicine...

Oh, yeah, that's right....CANCER!

We used to have a jerk like that, his name was Aubrey. Unless Baltimore start out on a historical run, without collapsing like 2 years ago, Oriole fans are going to get annoyed by Huff's whining and lack of hitting(while whining).

Dan, let me give you some advice.

Got a pen and paper?

Ok. Open your mouth when you have a sub-4 ERA over an entire season. Yeah, I know that sounds hard for a player of your calibur.

Good luck on achieving that goal, "Pro"