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Rays Unveil '10 Seasons' Logo

Hat tip to eagle-eyed Forum poster Go Rays for spotting this...

The Rays have unveiled a special '10 Seasons' commemorative anniversary logo for next season. The logo, above, was featured on this picture of an Shop product as a jersey patch, which would imply that the team will be doing the same for game jerseys next season. The logo features the number 10 with the team's Ray logo superimposed on top, and the word 'seasons' in a banner below that, all imprinted on a baseball diamond. This is indeed the 10th season of baseball for the Devil Rays franchise, as 2008 will mark their tenth year.

I must say, this logo looks very cool, I like it a lot, and I will certainly be buying some merchandise with it on it, if not entirely new jerseys, then something else most definitely. Either tomorrow or Monday, I will do an opinion piece taking a look at how the Rays' 10th season logo stacks up against those from other teams, as I am interested in useless facets like logo design and such.

What do you all think of the logo? I'm thinking that I like it so much, it will go up on the top of this here page for the upcoming season!