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DRaysBay Sets Another Record

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sweet smell of success, once again! DRaysBay set new all-time site records for site views and page visits last month, surpassing the record totals set in December of last year. This achievement is made even more remarkable by the fact that the team did absolutely nothing of note that would result in a spike of hits last month, making the previous month (which included the Akinori Iwamura signings and the Winter Meetings) look active. This truly is a testament to the great job that our writers here do day in and day out, proving that quality and quantity can be achieved.

The site blew away its previous hit record by over 2,000 unique visits, inching over the formerly elusive 10,000 hit barrier to slightly more than 12,000. The site also surpassed last month's page views record by reaching about 34,000 views, surpassing last month's total of about 31,000. This is DRaysBay's fourth straight month of gains in visits and page views, and with the more active month of February and spring games coming up in March, followed of course by the regular season, it is hard to see this trend halting.

From all of the writers here at DRaysBay to all of the community members that make us special, we'd like to wish you profound thanks, for it is you that provides us with the drive to write everyday. You, the reader, enable these milestones to take place, and your constant support of our site is deserving of profound thanks. Here's to another record month, and great season of Rays baseball. We're glad to be along for the ride, and we're glad that you are there to enjoy it with us.