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Super Sunday

As I sketch out my prospect list I decided to take a break from that, and watching the NBA, to catch up with some things happening outside of St. Petersburg for those readers who aren't watching the last three hours of the 336 hours of Super Bowl coverage since the last NFL snap...anyhow:

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed two veteran pitchers this week to minor league deals. First up was former Expo and National Tony Armas Jr., I really don't understand this deal on Armas' part, the 'Rates all ready have a load of young pitchers who should start the season in the Majors, unless the team is looking to trade one, say Zach Duke to say, Tampa Bay, I really don't know why they'd want Armas as anything but an insurance policy.

The Pirates weren't done however this week, oh no, they went out and got themselves Dan Kolb. Franchise changing signings are rare, and this isn't one, but for a minor league deal Dave Littlefield could've, and has, made worse moves in the past.

The Houston Astros signed two relievers to minor league deals; LOOGY Kelly Wunsch and Ben 'Three Pump' Weber. Both could compete for a spot in the Astros' pen this spring.

Juan Gonzalez has decided to give a return to the MLB one more go around. The Angels and Tigers are interested, though how much nobody is sure. It would be quite ironic that Gonzalez could end back up in Detroit, basically the place his career began to slip, this time he hopes for it to be a launching point.

Finally, my Super Bowl pick...I'm going with the Bears, I wish Mr. Dungy and Mr. Smith the best of luck, but I just see Chicago's running game and defense stepping up.