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Emperor Toad is Lovin' It.

Mark Topkin produced another good Sunday column though I continue to find his news and tidbits section much more satisfying for the minor stuff that even we don't hear about.

The main chunk is about the Rays pursuing bullpen help via trade (of course) using players such as Jorge Cantu as bait. The Rays Rumblings section provided some delightful tidbits...

At Saturday's USF-Notre Dame men's basketball game, former managing general partner Vince Naimoli had nice things to say about the team: "I think the new group is terrific, I really do."

At least I can sleep at night now, knowing Naimoli feels the franchise he successfully built is in good hands.

And coinciding with Marc Lancaster's nicely written article on how there is no clear choice for the number one selection, Topkin re-enforces Lancaster's sublte hint that the DRO is thinking 'The Price is Right' (that line is around to stay through, and after June everyone...) by giving us the following:

With the top pick in the June draft, Friedman and senior VP Gerry Hunsicker on Friday will scout Vanderbilt left-hander David Price against Rice

Somewhere Patrick does backflips.

And finally the only other interesting tidbit that stood out to me (other than the new turf being in by Fanfest, Feb. 24) is this:

Josh Paul's arbitration hearing is Friday in Arizona; general counsel John Higgins and director of baseball operations Dan Feinstein will represent the team, which offered $625,000. Paul seeks $940,000

So...he's had 2 (Paul will be the third arb hearings in Rays' history) and he's sadly going to go 0-2...seems like a typical Josh Paul day.