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Happy Birthday to Us

Patrick isn't here, so I figured I'd make the celebratory is our two year anniversary of the launch of this (hopefully) great site...Obviously David Bloom set this thing in motion and mainstays like Jake, Patrick, and David himself have helped to make this a great place for Rays information and opinion.

Obviously David is the one behind all of this, so basically he's our God, without him there isn't a D-Rays Bay, nor is there a R.J. posting about the two year anny of DRB. So thank you Mr. David for having the initivate to write about the Rays, and great of an accomplishment is this?

Other contributors included Tyler Marsh and recently Matt Sammons, who has really given the site a unique voice in his own right. Other Rays' bloggers like Sam Kilay and Corky Gaines have made us step our effort up in order to keep up within the 'division' that is Rays blogging.

We wouldn't be where we're at without the help of special friends like 'Blez', okay 'special' basically meaning 'the man' of the great SBN team we're proud to be apart of.

Some more of our friends include (and I apologize if I miss anyone): Jeff Sackmann, Carter Gaddis, Eduardo Encina, the guys at Bleed Cub Blue who made our logo (and will probably make our new logo if needed) John Sickels, Eric and the Fake Team guys, Jim Wisinski, Dan Hirsch, Jay Bradley and everyone in the Rays Baseball community, and many, many others who I regret not mentioning.

Also an ode to our great comment makers, the heartbeat of this site; bpoe, stpetelawyer, baddancingraysfan, Not That Chuck, Sean, TallMatt, the infamous delmonfan for a time being was one of the more 'popular' users...though for the wrong reasons, Das411, Trek81, killa, ErikAmazing, Katie, and everyone else who makes this site one of their reads everyday.

This is also a somewhat special day for myself and this site as it's my sixth month on the job (basically I was 'hired on August 8th), not to take away from the sites' thunder but I'd like to first and foremost thank Jake for giving me the shot, and truthfully teaching me a lot about the game and writing in general. To say he's been amazing is an understatement and I give nearly full credit to him when it comes to my development as a writer and overall as a baseball fan. Thanks to Patrick for being there whenever I needed HTML help or someone to bounce an idea off of. I'd like to think I've improved as a writer and that's due in part to the readers who made me strive to become 'successful', thanks and here's to another couple of years!