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Game Wrap

Phillies 6
Rays 4

W: Davis
L: Ridgway
S: Warden

Some of you remember that I pegged Jae Seo as my guy this year in the rotation that would shock the world with a nearly sub-4 ERA, well he helped make my case today, although it is only Spring Training, outdueling the Phils' Freddy Garcia:

Garcia - 3 IP 5 H 3 ER 2 BB
Seo -    3 IP 3 H 1 ER

Very nice day for Seo, Miceli and Jackson combined for three innings of two hit ball, but...and there's always a but it seems, Scott Dohmann, and to a lesser extent Jeff Ridgway and Juan Salas all allowed runs.

Dohmann 1 IP 4 H 3 ER
Ridgway 1 IP 1 H 1 ER
Salas   1 IP 2 H 1 ER

Dohmann got a blown save, Ridgway the loss...but none the less it calls for a ...

And yes if he makes the team that will be customized into a Rays D'ohmann.

Some interesting notes included Aki getting his first hit, Justin Ruggiano, Jeremy Owens, and Sergio Pedroza all getting playing time.

Game Two
Rays 3
Twins 4
11 innings

W: Miller
L: Peguero

Great game out of Brian Stokes, Jason Hammel, and Andrew Sonnanstine combining for seven innings of four hit, no runs ball. Switzer allowed two runs, Seddon allowed an unearned run thanks to a Pena error, and Peguero gave up the winning run in the bottom of the 11th.