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Korean Updates

About Seo
  1. Seo is beginning to throw 2-seam fastball for more GOs(his career GO/AO is 0.88)
  2. Seo is very comfortable and gets grate body shape.
  3. Seo has tuned pitching mechanism since mid-2006 for throwing a fastball with more velocity. Now he is pitching low-90 fastball. Last season's one is late-80 mostly.
About Ryu
  1. Friedman says that he want for Ryu to pitch as a SP. If Ryu didn't get the 5th SP job, he will go to AAA SP, not to the MLB bullpen. Though Ryu say he didn't care about the pitching role, He prefer the SP.
  2. He was very depressed and confused after injury and suspension in Cubs. But he was refreshed after trade and get well fixed now. Seo give a lot of helps to him.
  3. He threw change-up as a winning shot mostly. He was tried to jump his fastball velocity from around-90 to mid-90s. His fastball toped out at high-90s in the past.
  4. Friedman think Ryu was a polished pitcher. He have the advantage of change-up and curvaball, bud the disadvantage in fastball command.
(* translator's comment : He was a very good fastball pitcher in the past before the elbow injury. Injury make him loose the feeling of fastball, then he can't find that until now. In my opinion, there is a litte chance for him to regain his fastball velocity)

5. He reducted of his weight and He is now in good shape. His weight at high school age was 170lbs and now his one is 220.

That comes from homein of the Rays Baseball board (or whatever Dan, Jim, and Jay decide to re-name the place) and you can check the thread along with some notes on Hee Seop Choi out here