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Spring Training : Serious Business

Things are pitiful, we're 1-11, lost 10 straight, can't hit, can't close games out,it's 2006 all over again. Of course it is only Spring Training, and I'm sure people are beginning to think that's just an exuse for the putrid play, however as if you needed further proof that Spring Training means nothing, let's look at the top records in the exhibition season over the last three years.

Last year the Kansas City Royals had the highest winning percentage in the entire American League at 17-10, anybody know how that worked out? That's right they'll be picking directly behind the Rays come June's draft, meanwhile the Rays went 13-16 and finished midpack, and we all know how that worked out. The funny thing is the Boston Red Sox finished Spring Training with nine wins, yes nine wins, and 20 losses, things didn't go too bad for them last season did it?

In 2005 the Rays finished 13-16 again, to tell you all that you need to know, the World Series Champions to be White Sox finished below the Rays at 14-18.

In 2004 the Rays went 11-8 for their first, and only winning Spring ever. They also finished with 70 wins in the regular season resulting in the best season in both portions of the season during the franchise's history.

Looking at the losses you can chalk the majority up to players who won't be anywhere close to the 40 man roster three weeks from Monday, but at this point it's just nice to have baseball back.