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Jake's Take: The Hammer

Jake's Take is the jumbled up opinions of Jacob Larsen and do not represent the opinions of the staff of DRays Bay, Thank you -Jake"

Oh Rule 5 draft, you're an interesting character.

You fill people with so many falsehoods and turn good fans into critical ones...

"Why did we protect PLAYER X, Player Y is so much better than him and now we lost him...possibly"

The entire Rule 5 process is hilarious, any player that has been in an organization for a stipulated amount of time but not on the 40-Man roster is available to be picked.

It's a huge crock, most of the time. How many Rule 5 picks have panned out to be anything? Only one I can think of, Mr. Johan Santana.

Now, one of our prodigical sons that strayed into the darkness and came back was left unprotected and managed to get picked by the Cubs(who then traded him to Cincy).

Oh lord, it started with the moment that he was picked. "We left him unprotected for who?"

Let's get this straight, Josh Hamilton has to stay on an MLB roster for an entire season and he's never really done anything in the minors for his entire career except getting addicted to drugs?

Oh, I shouldn't rip him because "he's clean now". Well, he never did anything for the Rays but waste fans' time and the organization's money...

Let me be the first blogger to say "I hope that he makes the Reds...."

"....just so that I can laugh when he falls flat on his face."

I get peeved when people bring up his Spring Training stats or the fact that he once had immense potential in his hey-day. I'd also clump the people that bring up the career AAAA pitchers or fielders that won't see Tampa, yet they think Hamilton would. Yeah, the same Hamilton that just terrorized Hudson Valley last year. Wait, no, that was Longoria for 4 days.

If he last an entire year in Cincy, staying healthy/"clean"/productive, that's movie material....however I think "BLOW" was a title already taken.

How about "SMACK"?