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Jake's Take: It's a Mad, Maddon, Madden World


Let's get this straight, a New York Daily News writer loves writing articles about the Rays and we've got a Tribune writer(Mr. Fennelly) who likes to write about the Yankees.

There's no real reason to get very heated about Bill Madden's remarks, after all he is writing for a horrible newspaper and doesn't get the pleasure of writing about the Yankees or Mets for some odd reason. I'm wondering if the guy has some sort of napoleon complex, seeing as he's more worried it seems about our "penny-pinching" ways than he is with the Yankees'(they are one of 3 teams who will enter with a lower payroll in 2007 than it was in 2006).

Maybe we should've pursued Steve Trachel or John Thompson, Bill. Though, I'm wondering why the hell would it matter to you? If we pursued 2 old fogies like them, you would've found a way to insult that was well. You probably would've commented that we signed 2 pitchers who are "1 and done pitchers" and are only blocking Jeff Niemann or Mitch Talbot.

You comment on our lack of concentration or "professionalism", which is a hot topic to some Rays media members(for lack of a better word to describe JP Peterson), yet we hear nothing but Bad stuff about the strained relationship between Alex and Derek.

Are they friends?
Are they more?
Are they eating dinner together?
What, no more sleepovers?

Oh, that's just like a typical Devil Rays fan...insult a team out of jealousy(I'm imagining that you'd say something like that, before you ask how we're going to be able to keep players like Crawford while waiting for pitching to land on our laps).

So that I'm not going to just poke fun at the A-Rod/Jeter "love triangle", I'd like to point out many other questionable things going out in Yankee land.

What's to the story of Sheffield/Torre? Unless Gary is a boldfaced liar, there's some truth to Gary's quote that Torre doesn't run a calm, controlled clubhouse.

How about Mussina Vs. Pavano? I'm not a big fan of Moose, weird pitching motion and all, but he hit the nail on the head when he blasted "Can't Stay Healthy" Carl Pavano's lack of anything.

How about George's family, who enjoy causing possible driving hazards by driving intoxicated? It's bad enough that Pavano drives like a madman and in-turn causes bodily harm to people, but the "Future Owner of the Yankees" as well?

Get over it, Bill. The Yankees are getting old and it's happening at a faster pace than originally expected. You may have a few bright spots, in the youngster department, but they're not even perfect(Hughes definitely needs "seasoning", Cano is far from perfect fielding-wise and CM Wang is a ticking timebomb sitting in the Yankees lap with his "hard to explain" statistics that don't match his pitching periphreals.)

Continue to be a scared, little man who loves to mock that in which he doesn't understand, Billy boy.

The Devil Rays are coming for the Yankees, coming for them soon. It may not be this year, but we've got the talent to topple you and rip the rest of our division apart at the seams.

You can't do anything about it either, other than sign our former wastes to fill your AA and AAA teams of course. Enjoy the glory, while it lasts.