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Note to Andy: Pick up this kid now! Part II

Last time I tried this (with Bazardo), we had to deal with the waiver process. Now, it's a free-for-all.

Yesterday, the New York Mets surprised alot of people by unceremoniously releasing Alay Soler, a 27 year old starter.

With the way that Miceli, Dohmann and Switzer(among others) have been pitching added into the fact that our 5th starter competition is still open, taking a chance on Soler is a low-risk/high-reward move.

Soler is still young, considering Cuban pitchers can pitch past their 50s(see Orlando Hernandez and Jose Contreras), and could pitch in either a starting or relief role. Taking him out of an extremely volitile pressure situation like New York will also undoubtedly help him as well. He'll probably pitch angrier and want every chance to prove an already flawed Mets organization wrong.