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3/16/07 Game Wrap: Rays Vs. Pirates

Rays 8
Pirates 3

W: Miceli(1-0)
L: Bayliss(0-1)

If it was time for the Rays to "put it all together," it would be today. After being shut out and 2-hit by the Indians last night, with owner Stu Sternberg in attendance, the Rays continued their string of good pitching and decided to bring the bats along as well. The Rays decided that an average of 2 runs a week was not to their liking and decided to put another 8-spot. Cantu and Delmon(hitting in the 6th spot) both had 2 hits, something that Rays fans want to see during the regular season. Aki even decided to use his fancy bats for something more than direction, slapping a rbi-double. Even Maddon could applaud the Rays, seeing as they drew 2 walks and our hitters only struck out twice today.