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Price Check #6

If someone were to tell me that Price would lead-off an inning with a walk, nail the next batter, balk, allow a run-scoring liner in the next AB, nail another batter, strikeout the next and catch a baserunner trying to steal home...I would think that you were insane.

If someone were to tell me that Price would pitch 10 frames in a single game....I would think that you were watching ESPN Classic repeats of the 1991 Twins/Braves World Series and were 2 sandwiches short of a picnic.

Yet, somehow both happened and Price(in my mind) has locked himself as the #1 player taken overall in the upcoming Rule IV Draft(Amatuer Draft).

David's pitching line for tonight:

10 IP, 4 Hs, 2 Rs, 2 BBs, 14 Ks, 2 HBPs

For those not keeping track, Price is 5-0 for the season with 71 Ks and only 9 Walks in 45 Innings. In those 45 IP, he's allowed only 11 earned runs keeping his ERA at a paltry 2.20.