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Blown Cover

Everyone knows I seem to always harp on Martin Fennelly for being a Yankee fan. Ever since he wore a Yanks' cap to a Bucs training camp session he's been the posterboy (along with Joe Henderson and Gary Shelton) for what's wrong with Tampa sports media, so really this doesn't even make me blink.

You know you're in YankeeLand when the batting-practice order is divided into the Yogi group and Reggie group or when you look up in the press box and dead ahead is a black and white photo of Babe Ruth. Beats a Devil Rays "Hit Show" oil painting any day.

I'm not sure if Fennelly knows about D-RB and our (especially my) criticism of him, he probably does considering our audience has a few big timers in it, and perhaps he did this just to piss me off, but I want to note his page doesn't list comments nor email addresses. Therefore I'm going to do some digging and send Mr. Fennelly a nice email in response from Rays fans, and go from there, updates are hopefully forthcoming.

Update [2007-3-2 16:46:32 by R.J. Anderson]: Here's the email I sent him

Mr. Fennelly, this is R.J. from the Rays' site, I'm emailing you about your little Yankees' lovefest today. Look we all know the story about you and your Yanks hat at the Bucs training camp practices, but c'mon Martin, is it really that hard to not take shots at the city's team when you're slobbering over your pinstripes? I'm not one of these hateful bloggers, but to be quite frank, it sickens me to read the pro-Yankee stuff you produce while your Rays stuff is....awful. Taking a shot at the Rays in a Yanks article, something I'd expect out of the NY Daily News, not the Tampa Tribune. Thanks for reading, perhaps you could check the site out, we just posted our Sternberg interview recently....oh and great win today for you guys, right? RJ - DRays Bay