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Well so much for a 'feel good' day:

Rocco Baldelli had to be removed from Tuesday's game due to right hamstring tightness.

Baldelli goes on to say he'll know if it's serious starting tommorrow.

In typical 'prepare for the worst' fashion you have to wonder what a Baldelli injury would mean for the roster. With four distinct possiblities out there:

LF - Crawford / Dukes / Crawford / Crawford
CF - Upton / Crawford / Dukes / Delmon
RF - Delmon / Delmon / Dukes or Gomes

And of course that could also mean Brendan Harris would be kept, but again this is just planning for the worse, let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Update [2007-3-21 13:41:21 by R.J. Anderson]: Topkin says he'll be out for a few days.