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The Hot Corner: Is Jim Leyland a Hall-of-Fame Manager?

Rays fans sometimes get mocked, prominently for the team that we cheer for, but the fact is that we're some of the most intelligent baseball fans around. Usually, when our season ends, we continue to watch baseball and we know who we're watching. Also, many Rays fans who frequent here are over the age of 10 and have some fan allegances elsewhere. With that said, I've decided to trial-run a new feature at DRays Bay.

In "The Hot Corner", users will put their immense baseball knowledge to good use and debate somewhat interesting subjects.

Debate #1: Is Jim Leyland a Hall-of-Fame Manager or is he the Norv Turner of Major League Baseball(innovative in ideas, but not great at producing with them first-hand)?

Reason for Debate: In a future piece that I'm writing, detailing the necessity of left-handed relievers(LOOGYs) in baseball, it was shown that LaRussa and Leyland are 2 of the biggest followers of the "LOOGY" idea.

My question regarding that is, LaRussa is generally regarded as one of the best managers of our generation and Leyland is a well-known tactician of the game, but is Leyland a future HOFer?