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Dos Jorges?

From the rarity department, not only do the Rays have two 'Jaes' but it looks like they make get two 'Jorges' if Ken Rosenthal isn't just blowing smoke when he reports that the Rays are among the teams interested in Arizona Diamondbacks' reliever Jorge Julio.

He goes on to mention the Rays will likely pursue other options first, but could acquire him just to dish him off (huh?) or to acquire a draft pick by letting him walk at the end of the year (what team acquires a player with the sole intent being to get a good draft pick?)

Anyhow looking at J.J., he's got a career ERA of 4.2 through 358 innings, so he's quite average. He gets about nine strikeouts per nine innings, meaning about one an inning, but walks nearly five a game, which is really something we don't need more of considering command is probably the universal weakness for our relievers.