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Game Wrap 3/23/07

Rays 15
Reds 1

It appears that our youngsters are listening to Maddon, even the stats are appearing to agree with his lessons nowadays. Early on in the spring, Maddon stressed plate discipline/taking pitches/looking for "mistakes" to the Rays young hitters. The results weren't apparent early on, mainly due to the amount of non-vital players given ABs and the lack of consistent "everyday" line-up. However, as of Monday, the core players that will be used during the season are being given ABs and putting the lectures/lessons to good use. For a free-swinging group like ourselves to draw 6 walks, it's scary to think about these players using this stance on hitting DURING THE SEASON. Here's hoping it does.

What's more marvelous about this win, it was done without Crawford(who was a last-minute scratch due to groin tightness) and Rocco.

Keep up the good work, guys. Whatever you're doing, or whatever Maddon said, keep it in your mind. Also Jon Switzer was placed on the 15 day DL with shoulder tendonitis.