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Live Blog Test Run

All of the live blogging action will take place after the leap.

So, welcome to the first ever live blog on DRB, basically for those new to this we'll post our thoughts or updates on the game / commercials / random tidbits, ect. and encourage the readers to commment in return, basically a massive game thread, only interactive.

Anyhow keep refreshing, we'll start updating about gametime and they'll come fast and furious.

Oh and the newest updates will be at the bottom of this page, let's try and make this test run a good one.

Important start coming up for Edwin Jackson, could decide the 5th slot today.

Upton, CF
Dukes, RF
Cantu, 2B
Pena, 1B
Gomes, DH
Navarro, C
Mohr, LF
Harris, 3B
Velandia, SS
Jackson, P

Crisp, CF
Youkilis, 1B
Varitek, DH
Ramirez, LF
Lowell, 3B
Hinske, RF
Mirabelli, C
Cora, SS
Pedroia, 2B
Hansack, P

It's great to hear Dewayne and Joe again.

Joe Maddon makes an appearance in the 4th, Jim Hickey in the 7th.

First pitch from Jackson: Ball

First out goes to Upton who makes a nice catch in center.

Youk doubles past Harris, and speaking of Youk, he's starting to look like Ron Coomer.

Jackson tells Varitek to 'sit down' on a three pitch K.

I think Manny is at the point where he's trying to forget which team it is he plays for, the helmet logo is encrusted with pine tar.

Jackson strikes out Ramirez and looks damn fine.

Umm...Greek God of Walks / Cries folks.

Upton pops up...and it's Dukes time folks.

Dukes pops up

Cantu flies out to left, inning over

Basehit line drive, may I ask how is that Craig Biggio gets in trouble for a pin that supports young cancer patients, but somehow Manny is allowed to wear a freaking hairnet?

Another K for E-Jax, his slider is on today, and he gets another, four Ks through 6 batters.

Manny Ramirez expects to leave the Red Sox when his contract is up. "I got two years left, and that's it. That's the end of the story. I'm going to move on. I'm going to play, probably somewhere else," Ramirez said. "But don't worry. I'm going to be fine here. I'm not going to leave $35 million on the table." -- Boston Herald
That's what I was referring to early for those wondering

Inning over after a groundout to Cantu.

Pena, Gomes, Norton due up.

Turns out that Wang won't start opening day against the Rays, those darn hamstrings.....Pena's bat goes flying.

Pena works the count only to hack on a ball low in the zone, if at all.

Kalas says Crawford's injury isn't at all bad and that he thinks Rocco will be back soon.

It's Jonny Freaking Gomes time.

Kalas sets off on his way to attract the groupies.

Okay I retract that, perhaps to leap in a boat and go to his love, cownose rays.

Gomes grounds out, correction I meant Navarro, not Norton.

Foul to Grizzly Adams at first.

So far nearly everyone has seen more than a pitch...but like Pena, Navarro hacks at a bad 3-2 pitch.

FSN will have a nice program on my all-time favorite Ray and Matt Sammons good friend Fred McGriff coming on sometime this week.

Speaking of Matt don't miss his Lightning pre-game show at 7:00 PM on WDAE. Go Bolts! Lecavalier for MVP, rah rah!

E-Jax gets a flyout and he's really looking, dare I say, good?

And of course he falls to 3-0 on Crisp

And walks him on the fourth pitch, jinxed by I

Amongst those other options the Rays may pursue before pulling the trigger on Jorge Julio? Perhaps Byung-Hyun Kim is one?

Should've been a double play after Velandia makes a great play...but Human Lawn Statue catapults one to first.

Youkilis is panting, he might need his sippy cup after a failed hit and run attempt.

Two runners in scoring position with the lunch lady up.

Correction, runners at the corners

Walk. The bases are loaded and Cantu must have some egg on his face, or at least will if Mike Lowell delivers.

Jackson's slurve (the announcers call it a slider, it looks like a curve) puts him ahead at 1-0, and now it's 1-1, a long inning for Jackson.

Jackson taking a few breaths, sitting at 2-1 he delivers a blistering fastball down the middle, Lowell misses and it's 2-2.


That's my Gus Johnson moment for the third.

Mohr flies out, and Brendan Harris apparently loves 'Sweet Child of Mine'.

Harris K's and Hansack have 5 strikeouts.

Rays still looking for their first base runner or hit as Hideki Okajima warms up. Velandia grounds out, inning over.

Todd Kalas is about to get his groove on with Joe Maddon, should be a great soundbye opportunity.

It took an hour, but Rap Cat is back, yo!

Dooksey it is

VELANDIA WITH A NICE STOP. PENA...tried, but failed at the reach.

JacKson with another K.

Zobrist's facial hair is...interesting, and the Jay Bell comparisons have began. Two outs after Pena commits an un-assisted out.

A flyout to Upton ends the inning, Rays will reach base this inning, bank on it.

Upton's bunt attempt flops into Okajima's mitt.

Dukes with a hit, I so called that.

Eli caught stealing, good idea that DP who is at most 5'9, got out of the 6'2, 225 Dukes' way. A strikeout ends the inning.

Crisp with a leadoff single, Jackson over 75 pitches, and Orvella is warming up.

Crisp steals second, Youk pops up.

A strikeout, and Jackson goes 4.2, 6 K, 5 H, 2 BB, and 0 ER (for now) leaving Orvella with Crisp on second, very nice job by Jackson.

Manny fought the 'La, and the 'La lost, 1-0 bad guys.

1-0 Sox, 1 out, Gomes up.

Gomes showing some patience, works the count and walks it out with Navarro up.

Navarro K's, Mohr up.

Nice dugout scene: Delmon and Elijah sharing a laugh with...Aki's translator. Hmm...

My computer took it's seventh inning stretch a little early, anyhow top of the 6th, 1 out, Ruddy Lugo has two men.

Two outs, two on.

Lugo walks the bases loaded, and Mohr makes a nice catch to end the inning...finally.

Brendan Harris greats Javier Lopez with a double after the left fielder does his best slip n' slide impression.

Small ball advances the runner to third and Upton drills one up the middle, but the run can't score.

Todd Kalas is in your stands, picking up Ryan Freel's pre-game dates.

Dukes forces the count from 0-2 to 3-2, with the payoff pitch coming...

Roller on the dirt, runner stranded.

Sun Sports (Ch. 632 on DirecTV) at 7 PM the Fred McGriff special is on, one day McGriff should, in my mind at least, be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame:
Believe it!

Two quick outs and Ruddy Lugo is rollin, and now Joe McEwing somehow sneaks into second on a ....good call.

And the catcher rolls out, stretch time.

In quite a surreal moment, Todd Kalas is interview Jim Hickey, Hickey is wearing sunglasses, hence reflecting Kalas interviewing him, however so is Kalas meaning he's reflecting Hickey wearing sunglasses reflecting him interviewing Hickey. Whoa.

Carlos Pena tries bunting after Cantu is retired.

Gomes is up, Salas is warming up.

Jonny Flippin Gomes with a double off the bottom of the wall.

Raul Casanova ends the inning and both teams have six outs remaining.

Salas balks and the runner advances to second, nobody out.

Salas with a K, and the Rays have five outs to get.

A walk, balk, and now wild pitch puts a runner at third.

Dukes makes a grab and shows off the cannon, no runs score, and we head to the bottom of the 8th.

Brendan Harris with another double, time to push a run across guys, 1 out in the 8th.

Velandia gets reverse K'd and it's Upton time.

And Upton grounds out, one inning to go.

Glover retires the side and it's Dukes time to tie it up...hopefully.

Rally time! Two on, nobody out, Pena up.

Gomes strikes out looking, one out to spare.

RAUL!!! Casanova ties the game and pushes Cantu to third. TIED GAME!

Free baseball time folks.

The Sox barely avoid a double play, 2 outs, one on, still 1-1.

Bottom of the 10th coming up

Two quick outs and it's B.J. Upton time, again

Well folks that's it, we finish in a tie after 10, nice comeback even if we kiss our ugly sister.

It's been fun, if you've enjoyed this let us know.