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One Week to Go : Who Makes the Team?

Yeah we made predictions back in winter, and one of the common ones that Jake and I believe myself made were that Edwin Jackson would be the 5th starter, which of course is a distinct possiblity, of course I also thought Carlos Pena would make the team, oops.

Do any 'Jason Childers' make my roster?

(Note: The italicized names basically are locks to make the team.)

Scott Kazmir
James Shields
Jae Seo
Casey Fossum
Edwin Jackson

Al Reyes
Ruddy Lugo
Brian Stokes
Shawn Camp
Dan Miceli
Gary Glover
Chad Orvella

Dioner Navarro
Shawn Riggans

First base
Ty Wigginton (1B, 2B, 3B)
Greg Norton (1B,3B,OF)

Second base
Jorge Cantu (1B,3B)

Third base
Akinori Iwamura (2B)

Ben Zobrist

Left field
Carl Crawford
Jonny Gomes (1B)

Center field
Rocco Baldelli
B.J. Upton (3B, SS, 2B)

Right field
Delmon Young
Elijah Dukes

So at the end of the day, 12 pitchers, 13 position players, I have a total of 18 'locks' and seven somewhat open slots. Should be a very interesting final week, and of course I'd like to see everyone else's projected 25 man, it was a tough decision to put Salas at Durham, but a little Xaiver Hernandez never hurt anyone, same with Brendan Harris, but he's just waiting until Greg Norton goes buh-bye.