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About that LOOGY

I was reading the wires for transactions and I came across an old friend who may help our left handed reliever dilemma.

That man is Mike Venafro. Yes he's wearing a Rays uniform. If you remember back to 2003 he pitched for the Rays, and did so medicorely. So what help could he bring to the 2007 version of the Rays?

Well Venafro is in his career has a .240 batting average against left handed batters, and look at the photo...his glove is on the right hand, meaning he's a left handed pitcher.

Now you may ask about his situation, he was re-assigned today by the Minnesota Twins, but since he's a veteran he can opt to become a free agent, and looking at his spring numbers I'm thinking it was more of a numbers game than anything else with his assignment:

10 IP
7 H
4 BB
6 SO
0 ER

Not at all bad, though Venafro is 33, he could easily slide into one of the (hopefully) soon to be vacant 40 man slots, either Chris Seddon's, Seth McClung's, Scott Dohmann's, or Dan Miceli's, two of those slots figured to be filled by fellow bullpen arms Al Reyes and Gary Glover. Who would be shunned because of him? I'm not sure, perhaps Shawn Camp?

Of course this is assuming Venafro A) Opts to become a free agent and B) The Rays have interest.

Of course last year Venafro went to a doctor for his back pain and they found out his legs were uneven, so the doctor give him padding and well....somewhere along the lines of communication Venafro ended up putting the padding on the extra leg, but hey it's only baseball not brain surgery so he should be fine. I think.