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Fennelly Replies....Sort Of

Rather than clog up the front page I provided some other emails from Rays nation and his 'replies' after the jump.

From TampaRays01

Title: Take your ass to NY

The article today in the Tribune that was a glowing love fest for the division rival of our home team was a disgrace. I challenge you to name me one other newspaper in a market that has a MLB team that would write such an article. What an absolute disgrace. You know and we all know you aren't good enough to get a job writing for a NY paper, but we also don't want to read your wet dreams about the Yankees in our local paper. Today OUR team opened up their spring schedule against the hated Yankees that you lusted over in your article. Why not write about them.

We don't want to read about the Yankees in our paper. Get that through your freaking skull. And we still haven't forgotten about you wearing the Yankees hat at Bucs camp 2 years ago. You are a fraud.

Oh and since you may not know who the home team is I am referencing in the letter, I am referring to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays

From DevilRays187

8-1-3. Sounds familiar, huh? Yes, you guessed it! It's Tampa's area code. We're not in the 2-1-2 -- one of New York's many area codes. Like any other day, I decided to take a gander at's Sports Section. You know, to read articles and blogs pertaining to Bay Area sports. I was shocked when I saw your article on the New York Yankees. Are you kidding me? What's more, you actually have the audacity to mock the Rays in your article. Unreal. Pal, incase you've forgotten (actually, you probably weren't even aware that Stu Sternberg bought the club), Naimoli no longer owns this team, nor is Chuck LaMar the General Manager of this club. Go take a couple of notes from Lancaster's columns; he actually follows Tampa's hometown team, and he does it well. I appreciate your time, sir.

Take care

Now here's Fennelly's reply to the former, and then latter.

Come to the Rays one day. The players over there will mock thesrT. I appreciate your time, too.

That 'thesrT' is really in his email...
You think I like it? Assigned Spring Training Tampa. We aren't going to St. Pete today. Thanks for your time.

Umm...yeah...Martin Fennelly, chained soul my friends.