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Scott Boras Doesn't Care About All Of His Clients

This funny (sad) tidbit comes from Marc Lancaster

The most intriguing item of the morning was that McClung didn't know he had an option remaining. Most guys can be sent back three times after the reach a certain level, but a quirk of service time meant McClung had a fourth option year, and this is it.

"I was very surprised," he said. "I'm really disappointed that I was not made aware of not having an option. That's not the team's responsibility to make me aware of that, it's my agent's responsibility to make me aware of that. I'm really disappointed in that.

"I would have done spring a little different. I came into camp knowing, in my mind, that they couldn't send me out without trying to pass me through waivers. I understand it's a competition, but I put personal goals as far as the closer or what role aside this spring to really spring forward in my development as a pitcher with other pitches and other aspects of the game, the mental side and the physical side

Scott Boras is widely regarded as a super agent, and some even say he basically (and excuse my language) screwed the Rays by making them pass on Mark Teixeira or otherwise Tex would've went back to Georgia Tech for his senior year.

So when all is said and done it really is dumbfounding that Boras would help the Rays and spurn one of his bigger clients, right?