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Game Wrap

Jays 7
Rays 4

W: Victor Zambrano
L: Stephen Andrade

Offensive Player(s) of the Game:
TB Defense : Only three runs were earned, the rest were off of the 6 errors (Upton 2, Velandia, Pena, Dukes, Zobrist)

Pitcher(s) of the Game:
TB Ryu, Orvella, Ridgway, Niemann all for different reasons.

Ryu soldified his entry, and perhaps his lead for the 5th slot with 2 innings of one hit ball.

Orvella and Ridgway had 1-2-3 innings combined with Reyes and Jackson's outings looks like maybe the pen will have a few solid arms if all goes well.

Boxscore Illusion:
TB Jeff Niemann giving up a run, two errors occured during the inning and he didn't even allow a hit, yet a run did score during his inning, impressive outing by Niemann and showed good poise by striking a batter out.

Next Game: Tomorrow versus Minnesota