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Game Wrap

Indians 10
Rays 2

W: Betancourt
L: Switzer (left game after being hit with a ball, didn't record an out)

Bad day for Miceli, Ridgway, Switzer, and even Dohmann. Camp and Orvella are the only two true positives to take out of today's game, oh and perhaps Crawford stealing two bags while Joel 'Big Show' Guzman delivered a homerun.

With Switz' injury it appeared the LOOGY slot could've been wrapped up by Ridgway but a 5 ER inning really dampered those hopes.

Also wanted to note that yes baseball's regular season is nearly here, but the NFL's free agency period is nearing it's week old point, keep up with all the Buccaneers moves with the new blog devoted to the Bucs only, Buc', give it a test drive as JScott is doing a nice job getting that tradition growing.