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We and Us

Maddon uses the term "we us" for the daily report he offers to the team prior to the morning workout.

"What are the real pronouns?" Maddon said. "We and us. So the report every day is the 'we and us' report, and it's about pronouns. [We'll be better] if we can utilize 'we' and 'us' more often and eliminate 'I' and 'me.' And I also hate 'they.' 'They' bothers me, too. I hate 'they.' I don't like 'they,' I don't like 'I,' but I really like 'we' and 'us.' So we're going to try and use the appropriate pronouns."

That from this Bill Chastain piece I must admit Joe Maddon as a person is more than just unique, and yet abstract doesn't contain him, it's really ironic that his name is such the mundane, popular 'Joe', it doesn't do his person justice.