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4-13-07 Rays @ Twins

Tampa Bay Rays @ Minnesota Twins

Scott Kazmir v. Johan Santana

Baldelli CF
Zobrist SS
Crawford LF
Wigginton DH
Young RF
Iwamura 3B
Pena 1B
Paul C
Upton 2B
Kazmir P

Castillo 2B
Punto 3B
Mauer C
Cuddyer RF
Morneau 1B
Hunter CF
Rabe LF
Rodriguez DH
Bartlett SS
Santana P

[editor's note, by Jacob Larsen]I'm dedicating this game thread to a good friend of mine that got into a car accident last night and is now sitting in the hospital in critical condition with a lacerated spleen and ruptured liver. Get better, Sean Cu, get better. Let's win one for him!

[editor's note, by R.J. Anderson] Crawford not only mans up for the error last night, but also gives us this gem...[on his inside the park homerun] "I'm just glad nobody was on base tonight."