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Jake's Take: Place Your Bets

Per Topkin:

"He ripped me," Crawford said. "The one time in 5 1/2 years I do something bad, and he makes it sound like I make mistakes all the time. That was terrible."

I'm sorry, but Jim Rome seems to enjoy running his...(dramatic pause)....mouth and dish alot of crud at the Rays.

First things first, Romey, I really personally didn't have a problem with the Crawford base-running gaffe. I thought he should've stayed at 3B, to have a runner on 3rd with one out, but I'm guessing that he had thought in his mind that he had to return to 2B or get doubled up. Mauer is one of the best all-around catchers in baseball and his throw beat-out Crawford at 2nd. I personally love the aggressiveness at the basepaths that the Rays have shown. One of our top assets is speed and aggressiveness, which will in the long-run win us more games than a few mistakes like this account for losses.

My main problem, like Carl's, is how Rome made it sound like Crawford is a bumbling idiot. A multiple steals & triples champion, who is on top of a lot of people's fantasy rankings and tops on alot of baseball pundits "players to watch/breakout players" lists, cannot be an idiot.

Phenomenal way to pick what seems to be an EPIC fight...

I've got my money on CC, if for no other reason but this