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4/14/07 Rays @ Twins

Tampa Bay Rays @ Minnesota Twins

Edwin Jackson v. Sidney Ponson

From Lancaster:

Baldelli DH
Zobrist SS
Crawford LF
Wigginton 1B
Young RF
Iwamura 3B
Navarro C
Dukes CF
Upton 2B
Jackson P

Castillo 2B
Tyner CF
Mauer C
Cuddyer RF
Morneau 1B
Hunter DH
Kubel LF
Rodriguez 3B
Bartlett SS
Ponson P

In other news, Maddon said both Jonny Gomes and Brendan Harris will be in the lineup tomorrow, though he still isn't sure where they'll play. Asked in jest if he was trying to placate the internet campaign advocating more playing time for Gomes, Maddon played along:

"I'm succumbing to the pressures of `Free Jonny Gomes,'" he said. "He's been working his butt off. He's been taking great BP, he's been working in the outfield - same thing with Brendan. These guys got to play. We've got to keep them sharp, because when we do need them at some point we need to have given them this opportunity to stay kind of sharp."

Also, someone--not Maddon--cut out the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's story from last night's game and taped it up above the lineup card in the Rays' clubhouse. Three words in the headline were heavily highlighted: "Rays, of all teams, halt Santana's run" Easy motivational ploys never hurt, right?

"There's probably a lot of things being written about us that are not very complimentary, so if we can utilize those things in any way to spur us along, it'll be a good thing," said Maddon. "Sort of like the football mentality; I'm big with the football mentality."